Its the time of year again, when a bunch of the worlds hottest supermodels take to the runway to walk in the coveted Victoria Secrets Fashion Show.

If you follow any of the girls on instagram you will see that they have been working hard and training #likeanangel. Cardio and core based workouts appear to be making up the majority of their sessions. 

The show is being pre recorded today and will air on 8th December to millions and millions of people worldwide. Each year I watch it, I put down the chocolate bar I am snacking on and start squatting in front of the TV out of guilt! JUST JOKING, but seriously...who else feels like they should be working out while watching the girls strut their stuff?

To feel less guilty before the show goes to air, try out this awesome cardio & core based workout inspired by the VS Angels. This is a combination of a few workouts that my trusty Trainer, Dan Adair (worth a follow on insta @danjadair) has given to me over the years!

Let me know what you think. Enjoy, Angels :)


* Start with a 10 min warmup on the Cross-trainer or steady ride on the bike*

200M Treadmill Sprint, leave the treadmill running while you rest. I usually just stand on the sides, this can be risky, so be careful when jumping on and off!

1 min break.

x 6

BREAK  (make it short and sweet)

1 MIN ROW (aim for 250m) per minture

2 min break

In your break you have to complete 6 burpees



20 full sit ups

20 twists with 3kg ball

1 min Prone hold

X 5 Rounds no rest