Each Fortnight I am going to do an edit of my favourite things and post it on here for you all. This is a selection of my own personal items that I am currently obsessing over, whether it be a moisturiser, a tanner, lipstick or gadget. I want to give you access to my favourite things.

None of this is sponsored, I haven't been paid to spruike these products. I opened my make up bag and picked out my top products for this particular edit. If you have any questions about products or things I use then please leave me a comment below and I will endeavour to help you out.

My Current beauty #OBSESSIONS

The Breakdown

Nuxe Paris Multi purpose oil is something I was introduced to by the many make up artists I have worked with over the years. They LOVE this stuff and it wasn't long until it became a staple in my kit also. The bottle claims that it is a dry oil for face, body, hair and nourishes, softens, illuminates with 6 precious plant oils. With such a description its little wonder why this is a best seller.

This product is used on set all the time, it photographs so beautifully. I love using this on a night  out. If exposed, I apply to my shoulders, decolletage and sometimes scrunch some into the ends of my hair if it is feeling dry.

Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream is just that, magic! I got sent this a few months ago and I use it religiously.. It creates such a great base for your make up to go over and is SPF 15 so its perfect for day time use. For years Charlotte mixed her own skincare and used it on models and her clients, everyone absolutely loved it and now she has bottled it up and we are all in on her little secret.

Besides the packaging being just gorgeous this is a must have product!

Can you tell I love anything from Charlotte Tilbury....her products are my beauty weakness. This Beach Stick is amazing, I love it because I can apply the Magic Cream then the Beach Stick over the top and my face is done. It gives you an amazing beachy glow and  lets the natural beauty of your skin shine through. I also use it to contour, lip colour and as a bronzer, its a bit of an all rounder.

This Hourglass eyebrow pencil is honestly the one beauty product I CANNOT live without. I fill my brows in every morning, no matter if I am going to the gym or just popping out for breakfast. Ive tried so many powders and pencils and this one, in my opinion, is the best. I love the squared shape of the pencil and the little brush at the end so you can brush your brows out as you go. This little beauty never, ever leaves my make up bag.

I rotate my mascara's every couple of months, I don't have one that I am particularly loyal to. This month I am really into this Lancome Mascara. I like the shape of the brush, its easy to apply and I like how it goes on, its not clumpy and gives my lashes volume.

And it wouldn't be an edit of my favourite things without one of my Candles. This Gardenia scent has been extremely popular. I really, really love this scent. The past few days I've had it burning in our lounge room, its so fresh and perfect for summer. There are only a few more left so make sure you get in now before they sell out.