Here is a great summer workout session my PT Dan Adair wrote for you guys! 

No matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible not to indulge over the festive season. There are so many Christmas parties and end of year catch ups with family and friends, it is hard to keep up a healthy eating routine. Which is ok, I'm a great believer in enjoying a glass of champagne and some decadent food every now and again, just don't make it a daily occurance.

Balance is key so when I know I've got lots of events coming up where it's harder to eat clean, I put more effort in at the gym!

This is a great workout to fit in a few times before Christmas! It's a good sweat and I think you'll love it.

Always stretch before you work out and make sure if you are unfamiliar with any of these exercises or movements consult a PT ! 

20 X goblet squats (12kg KB)

10 X split lunge jumps

500m bike on level 12 <50seconds

60sec recovery

X 4 rounds


20 X walking lunges (2x8kg KBs)

10 X squat jumps

60sec high knee skipping

60sec recovery

X4 rounds


25 X V-Sits

60sec straight arm plank

60sec Glute bridge

X 4 rounds