I am so lucky to be able to work with Make up artist and Hair stylist, Norman Gonzales, (aka Normie) who dolls me up for any event or appearance I attend. For fashion week we wanted a simple, easy and versatile hairstyle that could work in with any outfit and last the entire day. My first look was parted down the middle and pulled back in to a low bun, my second look was parted down the middle and left lose and straight down by back and for my third look all I had to do was grab the ends, tie in a low pony and wrap some of my hair around the elastic to finish the look off. I love this because it is essentially a 3 in 1 hairstyle. I didn't have to wash and re style my hair everyday, I kept the same part and worked around that.  

My days are often long so whatever hairstyle I chose to go with needs to be able to withstand a lot of running around and it needs to look just as good at 6PM as it did at 6AM. I sat down with Normie and have provided you with his tips to achieving this hair style:

1. Start with Damp hair. Apply a small amount of heat protecting/smoothing serum and blow dry hair until dry. If you blow dry your hair a lot it is important to protect it with product before you apply any heat to your hair. This will allow your hair to stay in better condition over time.

2. Once dried straighten the ends so that the hair is smooth all over.

3. Part hair directly down the centre using a fine comb.

4. The trick to getting it to stay in place is to use a spray wax. Its not a hard product to find, lots of brands have them, however my personal favourite is from Joico. The product is used on blow dried or freshly styled hair to create texture and body, Apply on the ends and if you're feeling adventurous spray a little on the roots to give extra volume.