This is a recent shoot I did with Josie Clough from Its Now Cool with Beauty by Max May. I often get asked what I do to keep fit and healthy so my Trainer Dan and I have put together a workout for you to try !


If your goal is to burn off some body fat, intervals should definitely be  part of your weekly program! Besides being an amazing time efficient work out, interval training is an extremely effective way to quickly transform your body. A combination of intense periods of work with just enough recovery to go hard again whilst keeping good form. And the best part is that you keep burning fat long after the workout is over!

Today with my Trainer Dan Adair, we did some treadmill sprints to kick start our week. 

I did this below on level 17 on the treadmill:

200m Sprint

200m rest

X 20 rounds

After a cool down we worked on core

20 full sit ups

1 min Prone hold

X 5 Rounds no rest