I get bored easily. If I get stuck doing one workout or type of exercise I lose motivation and find it hard to get myself to the gym. Make sure you change your routine up to keep it interesting, try new things and get a trainer - even if it is only for a few sessions to make sure your technique is right and you can get a few fitness fundamentals under your belt.

I started the day with this session that my personal trainer Dan planned for the both of us. It is not easy. The weights and reps can vary depending on your limits. If it doesn't feel right don't do. Know what you are capable of and know when to push yourself, the burpees tested me but it felt good to finish them.

If you have a trainer challenge them to do this with you!! 

1O X Deadlift with pushup. 1 Deadlift, 1 push up etc...


2O X Step overs on 24inch box

1O Toe to bar for Dan and Jes knees to chest - see pic above for example

5OOm row

5 rounds for time


Dan 1O X Burpees

Jes 1O x Burpees

X 2O Rounds

2OO Burpees in total each

If you don't feel comfortable doing the deadlifts replace them with weighted goblet squats or kettle bell deadlifts