I always end my training sessions with an ab routine. No matter how exhausted I am at the end of a workout I always complete it with abs, its those extra minutes of core work that make all the difference!

The trick to achieving a toned mid section is consistency. If you don't put in the effort after every workout you are never going to see results. To keep my ab routine dynamic, Dan my PT always comes up with different sets of exercises that engage my core and work my abdominal muscles.

Today I trained with Dan  for 45 minutes at 98 Riley Street gym, we then ended the session with the ab routine below.  This is perfect for you and a partner to do together, take turns with the exercises, when one works the other rests, and make sure you keep each other motivated when the burn sets in!  I have added some pics below to make it easier for you to follow.

2O sit up twists with a 2KG dumbbell in each hand

1O leg raises

2O russian twists with a 6KG med ball

x  5 Rounds