I just got home from work, I was up at 5:30am to walk the dog then had to head to work to be in hair and make up by 7am. I find when my day starts early my times and meals are out of whack. I eat as soon as I get up which means there is a LONG time between between breakky and lunch so usually I make myself a snack in between to get me through.

Today I made a banana, pineapple and spinach smoothie. Usually I keep the fruit to a minimum in my smoothies but I felt like something sweet.

Heres the recipe:

1 X Over ripe banana

1-2 X BIG handful of spinach

A few pieces of frozen pineapple (usually I chop all of my fruit up and keep it in the freezer for smoothies)

A dash of Udos Oil

A scoop of Hemp Protein 

Scoop Spirulina (go easy on this it is really strong and smells like shit...) 

Bee Pollen (only a small portion of this, I find it really sweet)

Coconut water, cold water does the trick as well!

Blend all the ingredients together and drink straight away. I usually use my Vitamix for smoothies however I was on the run today so I used a $20 blender I purchased from Target that is similar to a Nutribullet.