Dan Adair, has just returned back to 98 Riley Street Gym after spending some time in the US. Upon his return he tested me with this workout,  it was a great session and my butt was on fire!

This session is for time!

Make sure you do a good warm up. Completing a number of non weighted practiced reps of each of the exercises is a good way to do so.

The weights we used today were:

2 X 8kg Dumbbells for the squat press

1 X 16KG Kettle bell for the swings

And just your body weight for the Split Lunge Jumps.

If you want to moderate this workout you can halve the weight and halve the running distance. If you are unsure about any of these exercises please consult a personal trainer before commencing.


2O X DB squat press

2O X KB swings

2O X Split lunge Jumps

4OOM run on level 17

16 X DB Squat Press

16 X KB Swings

16 X Split Lunge Jumps

4OOm Run on level 17

12 X DB press

12 X KB swings

12 X Split Lunge Jumps

4OOm run on level 17

8 X DB squat Press

8 X KB Swings

8 X Split Lunge Jumps

4OOm run on level 17

4 X DB squats

4 X KB swings

4 X Split Lunge Jumps

4OOm run on level 17


Some supplementary work to finish once you've caught your breath!

1OO reps of mixed abs:

Mix it up! Some full sit ups, leg raises, V sits, crunches, scissors. Anything to total 1OO reps with minimal rest!

For example:

25 Full sit ups

25 V sits

25 Crunches

25 Russian twists.

Dan has limited spaces available to train, however he has recently had some availabilities pop up. He trains out of 98 Riley Street gym in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. 

To book in a training session with Dan, you can contact him on danadairpt@gmail.com