Here's a little workout my trainer Dan Adair, gave to me complete one Sunday at the gym. 

I love it because it's a steady sweat. It's not over the top crazy but it definitely gets the job done! It's a great one to do with a friend and trust me, you'll feel it in your butt the day after :)

50 Butt Lifts  

50 Deep Squats

1km on the bike (level 10 minimum) 

40 Butt lifts

40 Deep Squats

2km on the bike  

30 Butt Lifts

30 Deep Squats

3km on the bike  

20 Butt lifts

20 Deep Squats

4km Bike

10 Butt lifts

10 Deep Squats

5km Bike  

You should be pretty sweaty by the end of this! Make sure you finish with a stretch! 

Let me know how you go either in the comments below or on Instagram. I always love hearing your feedback and seeing you post pictures when you've completed the workout!! It's so inspiring seeing you work so hard!