I was recently asked on twitter about a drink I made up one morning on my snapchat!

Every morning when I get up, before I do or eat anything I drink a little warm drink with a few very simple ingredients that kicks starts my metabolism. I am holding on to this recipe as it will be featured in the Health section of the book I am writing and I don't want to reveal all of my secrets just yet! BUT I am happy to reveal what the mystery green drink was on my snapchat a few weeks ago...

At the start of the year I got sent some products from Elle Mcpherson and her team so I decided to change my normal morning drink and replace it with Elle's Super Elixr. This is what you saw me mix up and consume on #SNAPCHAT a few weeks I ago. I think the product is amazing and I now have it most days however it didn't give me the kickstart and cleanse my own special elixir gives me in the morning. Elle's super powder is packed full of amazing alkaline antioxidants and its THE perfect thing to add to your smoothie or juices. So instead of having it mixed with water and on an empty stomach to start my day I include it in my daily green smoothie.

I've attached a photo of The Super Elixir so you too can take it daily in a smoothie or juice but as for my morning kickstarter...you're going to have to wait for my book (I am bursting with excitement)!!

I love receiving all of your questions and comments on social media, keep them coming and I will endeavour to answer as many as I can.