Last year I launched a small range of candles. I am a notorious home body, when I am not working I like relaxing at home. I love nothing more than getting home, putting on some music and lighting a candle. It instantly relaxes me and I can let the stresses of the day fall away.

The trouble with all of the candles I purchased was that I couldn't find the exact scents that I wanted. So I created a range with the scents that I love to have in our home, they are made from soy, triple scented and each one is hand poured - I like to think of my range as being boutique and not massed produced! Each Candle has been touched with a human hand, not some big machine pumping them out in a factory!

I had no idea how well received the range would be and I didn't have any intention of it becoming a bigger venture. However, due to all of your amazing support our stock was a complete sellout inspiring me to give the range a freshen up and extend it so we have more scents and an exclusive luxe range!


Three exclusive scents set in matte black jars are sure to fill your home with incredible aroma and give it an air of luxury. Green tea and Chai are my two favourite hot beverages that I wanted to be able to make into a  personalised scent I could incorporate into my candle range. I use Kaffir Lime alot when I am cooking and have always liked the earthiness of Sandalwood.  Green tea is light and fresh with a slight tang and Chai is rich with a strong scent of layered spices. Kaffir Lime and Sandalwood smells exactly as you would imagine, I have this candle burning in my kitchen and dining areas non stop at the moment!


Our classic range has two new exciting additions: Vanilla Caramel and Watermelon. Wild Rose and Coconut&Lime were our bestsellers last year so we've continued those scents into 2016. I'll endeavour to bring you more throughout the year so that you constantly have new candles to try out in your home! Watermelon and Coconut&Lime are summer in a candle, each time I light them I feel like I'm in Bora Bora, the only thing missing is a cocktail! Wild Rose is the scent I burn in our bedroom. Its romantic and soft, I love how feminine it is. Vanilla Caramel smells like you could eat it, everyone that I gave one to to trial for me said the same thing "It smells so Yummy!"


I've done up a gift pack with a sample of three scents: Kaffir Lime & Sandalwood, Vanilla Caramel and Watermelon. Each candle has such a different aroma and its a great little gift for Birthdays or Mother's Day... which is coming up!

Thank you so much for all of your Support! Because of you I have been able to bring these Candles to you and your homes. Head to the SHOP section on my website (above) to purchase your candle. I hope they bring relaxation and joy into your working or living spaces.

Lots of Love,

Jesinta XO