A Woman Is Worth More Than Her Appearance


Sometimes it takes a bold statement to get a message across.

My entire twitter feed today has been filled with tweets from online publications around a statement I made on the David Jones Women in conversation series: “Why can’t I get my tits out and have an opinion.” It was a forward statement and one with a message that I do not wish to get misconstrued by mainstream media.

I was recently invited by David Jones to participate in their “Women in Conversation” series, which has launched online today alongside a group of established, courageous, independent, gorgeous women.

I often find myself on panels talking about important issues that effect women or our society. I don’t pretend to be an expert on any of the discussed; however, I will always talk openly, honestly and from the heart. I have a strong belief that all women, regardless of forum or platform, should use their voice and be confident in their opinions. Our freedom of speech is one I certainly do not take for granted, nor wish to abuse.

Whilst I sat at the table surrounded by women from all different walks of life the topic of conversation changed many times, everyone adding their personal experiences, wisdom and knowledge. We spoke candidly about fertility, mental health, what defines us, what makes us happy, motherhood, our careers, fashion and style. It was remarkable be in an open environment, to share such things.

Even if I do like to wear something that showed off a bit of cleavage, telling a woman that what she is wearing “diminishes her opinion” (which I can personally account for) is like saying that if you wear a short skirt you’re asking for trouble. What we wear and how we choose to wear it does not define our level of intelligence or who we are as women. A woman is worth more than her appearance.

I encourage you to not absorb the judgment that your appearance and what you choose to wear makes you any less intelligent, thoughtful, interesting or qualified to have an opinion. 

Happy International Woman’s Day! Let your voices be heard and be kind. To join #womeninconversation, follow this link:



Jes xx